CyberLocke, LLC provides IT network consulting and cybersecurity managed services to mission-critical organizations. We offer the latest industry products and service to assist organizations in their design and implementation initiatives. We meet the IT requirements of the simplest deployments to large-scale enterprises with project management staff experienced in commercial world-wide enterprise programs and Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and Department of Justice contracting.

Core Competencies

  • Program and project management of small to large-scale IT enterprise initiatives.
  • End-to-end design and planning, application deployment, upgrades and migration.
  • Security testing, safeguards, implementation, and monitoring
  • Network capability assessment services.
  • Digital transmission performance reliability and load balancing.
  • Managed services and Help Desk
  • Product solutions/services include: F5, CISCO, Azure, Microsoft Exchange, security mitigation tools


CyberLocke, LLC has over 100 years combined experience in both commercial and government IT development, deployment and support of small to very large-scale projects. Current and past performance experience include companies such as Equifax, Wells Fargo, and IBM. Federal government project management and IT systems development experience include DIA, AIA, NSA, DOJ (BATFE & FBI), plus many others. We have certified technicians and partnering agreements with only the best product vendors.

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